Welcome to the official website of the St. George Children's Center, located in St. George, Ontario.


The City of Brantford and the County of Brant are pleased to offer OneList, an online centralized child care registry and information service that simplifies the process of applying for child care.

Applying for child care or getting on a waiting list is easier than ever.
OneList provides you with:

- The ability to research different child care providers and the type of care offered.
- Maps of locations of child care programs close to your home or work.
- The option to apply simultaneously to any number of licensed child care programs for multiple children.
- Information about the child care fee subsidy program.
- Access to change your application anywhere, anytime.
- A highly secure website that ensures your privacy.

To access the Brantford OneList and place your child on the wait list
for St. George Childrens Center, click here.


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